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's going to be cold with some wind. that's coming up. >>> a san jose firefighter is recovering after a ceiling collapsed on him as he was fighting a three-alarm fire. it broke out around 8:00 last night. the flames raced through four apartments and damaged two others. a water logged ceiling broke loose and fell on the 16-year veteran. >> he was injured by a piece of large sheetrock, a ceiling that had fallen in when he was in the stairwell. so it had fallen from a considerable height. >> the firefighter was rushed to a nearby hospital with a concussion and fractured vertebrae. officials believe the fire was accidental. >>> memorial services will be held tomorrow for a young man who was shot and killed last week in apattempted carjacking in san jose. 22-year-old rory park was killed by two armed robbers who went on a crime spree in san jose on november 16. they are accused of murder, robbing four east san jose businesses, and having a shootout with police that left one officer hurt. jonathan willbanks is in custody. a donation fund has been set up for the victim's burial costs. >>> po
is preparing to bury their youngest son. he was san jose's 42nd homicide. he was the innocent victim of one of the city's most violent crime spree. he was killed outside a 7-eleven in an attempted carjacking. services will be held at the darling fisher memorial chapel in campbell tomorrow morning at 10:00. >>> a pilot has died after crashing his small plane in calaveras county. it went down a mile south of the calaveras county airport. this is the scene near the crash near san andre yeses. the plane is described as an experimental aircraft. the pilot was the only one on board, and his identity has not been released. still no word on what caused the accident. >>> 80s icon larry hagman has died. he is probably best known as the oil baron jr ewing on "dallas." he recently revised his role on a reboot for cable. according to a newspaper linda gray and patrick duffy were at his bedside when he passed away late this afternoon. he died of cancer and was 81 years old. >>> an explosion that rocked springfield, massachusetts was caught on camera. look at this video. the blast leveled a bar and damage
, black friday truly was the darkest of days. and right now at valley medical center in san jose, the father and one of his daughters are receiving treatment for moderate injuries. reporting live in palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> our hearts go out to that family. thanks, marianne. >>> tense moments on the san francisco bay this afternoon. the people on board the yacht you see there called 911 when the boat started taking on water near the berkeley pier. apparently the trouble started when the boat's engine got caught in reverse. the coast guard, harbor master and several department responded and several boaters stepped in to help as well. the boat was towed into the marina. none of the seven people on board was hurt. a dog, cat, and snake were also rescued. >>> a san jose fire captain is recovering tonight after a ceiling collapsed on top of him as he was fighting a fire. the fire broke out around 8:30 last night at the kimberly woods complex on willow leaf drive. the flames raced through six apartments. at one point, while the fire captain was inside a stairwel
and oakland warms to 72. 71 san jose and 72 up in the north bay, a well. a little fog may be forming this morning before the sun officially comes up at 7:00. then we will see morph an on shore push tonight. that will bring the low clouds and fog back from the ocean and it will bring a cooler sunday. the temperatures will continue to cool into the week ahead until rain comes back into the forecast big time. we will talk about it later. terry. >> thanks a lot, lisa. >> one day after black friday, here's small business saturday. one of the places that's happening today is on berkeley. and fourth street. good morning, kera. >> good morning, terry. unfortunately no stores are open yet but as lisa and you mentioned, it will be a beautiful day to support your local businesses. this street is so cute and this is just one of many bay area streets where shopkeepers are hoping people will come out, mingle with their neighbors, perhaps avoid the kay as of big boxes stores. of course, it's happening all over the bay area. we have video from albany where stores are promoting the fact they are inde
daughters are at valley medical center in san jose, and we don't know their condition. the chp officer was not seriously injured, and this accident is under investigation. abc news. roman, abc news. >> thank you, thomas. >>> a family in the south bay is preparing to bury their youngest son. he was san jose's 42nd homicide. he was the innocent victim of one of the city's most violent crime spree. he was killed outside a 7-eleven in an attempted carjacking. services will be held at the darling fisher memorial chapel in campbell tomorrow morning at 10:00. >>> a pilot has died after crashing his small plane in calaveras county. it went down a mile south of the calaveras county airport. this is the scene near the crash near san andre yeses. the plane is described as an experimental aircraft. the pilot was the only one on board, and his identity has not been released. still no word on what caused the accident. >>> 80s icon larry hagman has died. he is probably best known as the oil baron jr ewing on "dallas." he recently revised his role on a reboot for cable. according to a newspaper linda
in the next couple hours. 47 mountain view and san jose. our sunny and mild weather tense today, although we are look at a cooler day tomorrow. enjoy it. cove got a couple storms lined up for your forecast into next week. i'll have that for you a little later. terry. >> thank you, lisa. >> one day after black friday, here's small business saturday. one of the places that's happening today is on berkeley. good morning. >> what a beautiful scene it is behind us on fourth street. this is one of many neighbors where mom and pop shops hope that customers will come, spend their money fulfill their holiday wish list while going with neighbors and putting money right back into their own community. and it's happening all over the bay area. we actually have video from albany, where stores are promoting the fact that they are local. it's the hook shop owners hope will bring in customers bring in customers even though they can't offer the deep discounts that are all over during this black friday weekend. one shopper said it's the commitment to the community that counts. >>> they support our schools by o
and the update on the investigation there to the case. >> reporter: yeah. i checked in with the san jose police department spokesperson for the update on this case. they are still search for a second suspect or at least that's what was happening all this week as they released a sketch on that expect now hee mailed me back and said per the homicide unit we aren't confirming or denying any new information. that came after i asked them if an arrest had been made. >> the man was shot and killed last week. one of the suspects a 26-year- old was in court wednesday. police say he and another man robbed four businesses, murdered a 22-year-old in a carjacking and participated in a shoot out with two officers one of the officers was hit and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. willbanks was arrested the next morning. officers released a sketch of the second suspect, a 20,000- dollar reward is being offered for his arrest. the funeral for the victim is being held this morning at 11. we will continue to talk to police and ask them about updates on that second suspect and bring you new information on
for the holidays for san jose businesses even as >> terry: new this morning, the remains of yasser arafat will be exhumed on tuesday in an investigation into his death. they suspect he was poisoned by israel. earlier this year, traces of a lethal radioactive substance was detected on his clothing. they will make an independent review. >>> also new this morning, there outrage in pakistan after a roadside bomb went off. blast injured 30 people who were attending a procession in northwest pakistan. they have suspended mobile phone service to prevent such bombings. >>> an explosion in springfield, massachusetts was caught on camera. there is the blast that leveled a bar and damaged 12 buildings. it was fueled by a gas leak. no one died but 18 suffered injuries and half of them were firefighters. >> new this morning, below water levels are about to get lower. they have reduced the flow of the missouri river reservoir in response to the drought. it could potentially bring barge traffic to a halt within weeks. barges carry 20% of the nation's coal. >>> signs of the christmas holiday season are p
for the american indian alliance of santa clara county and actively engaged with san jose inter community and works with healthy styles and life choices and has been chaired san jose power wow and held in year. each her they hold a sporting event to bring natives together to promote wellness. she believes in these events lie the developing in youth the sense of self worth and resiliency necessary for them to succeed. she prides herself in the design and implementation of an art curriculum that includes, but not limited to bead work, dancing and sewing and a firm believer in these traditions and intrinsic values instill solidity and pride in being responsible individuals in a contemporary landscape. in addition her years of dance experience has lead her to be a respected and decorated and sought after resource for many bay area presentations. she regularly has theater performances and in leading discussions and after hour mentorship activities. she is a member of the ingenuity project developing a documentary about native american social issues. she founded a area of bay area artists and honor t
medical center in san jose. the highway patrol officer was treated and released this morning. reporting live here in palo alto, amber lee, ktvu news. >>> now amazingly no one was seriously hurt when this big rig jackknifed in berkeley. the crash caused a chain reaction accident involving at least four other vehicles and closed three lanes near ashby avenue for more than an hour. >>> there's word tonight that actor larry hagman died this afternoon in a hospital in dallas at the age of 81. hagman is probably best remembered at j.r. euwing. he recently sold off some of his dallas memorabilia. his family said he suffered complications from a recent battle of cancer. they also said he loved playing j.r. ewing and was so happy that he was back in the role again in an updated dallas showing. >>> the plane went down around 3:40 this afternoon about 4 miles from the community of san andres in calav era s county. the pilot was the only person on board. his name has not been released. federal investigators are be looking into the cause of the accident. >>> in lake county, police in clear lake are
and arrested two people on unrelated weapon charges. >>> in san jose a firefighter is hospitalized tonight and 20 people are being forced to spend the night away from their homes after a three alarm fire at a complex. robert handa talked to one resident who told him exactly where the fire started. >> reporter: today clean up is underway. damage is being assessed and injuries are being treated after a fire roared through a townhouse on thanksgiving night. firefighters rushed to the complex around 8:30 after reports of a fast spreadg roof fire. one resident said flames erupted after an explosion. >> it sounded like gunshot. and so i just panicked, i grabbed my dog and i came outside and literally like the whole, like everything was just covered in smoke. >> reporter: the fire escalated to three alarms quickly. officials say eight firefighters were in the staircase area where part of it collapsed on they will. a firefighter had to be dug out. >> basically a cracked bound in his neck. and he just got a concussion. >> reporter: we also discovered there was more than one injury. captain cowen hu
and killed during an apparent carjacking attempt in san jose. police say rory park pet iford was shot between two men in the middle of a violent crime spree. they killed him outside of a 7- eleven. investigators say the two suspects later opened fire on a police officer. that officer will be okay. one of the suspects was arrested that's night, bit authorities are still looking for the second man. >>> members of the animal rights group peta demonstrated outside of a bibe store -- bebe store in san francisco today. they held signs discouraging shoppers from going into the store on grant avenue. the group says the rob it fur used for the trim on some clothes comes from animals in china that are abused and killed inhumanely. >> we have shared footage with bebe executives of any malls being strangled, electrocuted, and sometimes even skinned alive for their fur, but the business still continues to support this crew elindustry, and that's why we're -- cruel industry of fur, and that's why we're here today. >> when we contacted bebe about the protests, their response was "no comment." >>> a new expe
popular. concord, livermore. oakland, 54. san jose, 52. san francisco, 56. we could cot all the specks of rain on high definitely doppler right now quickly because there are zero. there will be zero for a while. when we change back to a wet pattern it's going to be an abrupt one and we'll see a lot of rain toward the middle of the next week. 13% above normal for oakland. below normal for livermore and san jose. everybody getting a lot of rainfall toward the middle of next week. we're seeing a lot of rainfall in the pacific northwest. november, raining up there. but high pressure is taking that thin band of rainfall and keeping it well to the north. we can say thank you to the high pressure because it's giving us the temperatures in the low 70s over the weekend with mainly sunny skies. as soon as the high moves out, the storm track will sag down in to northern california and really change our weather from very sunny to very wet or very stormy. that pattern change will happen next week specifically next wednesday and for about five straight days we're going to see a chance of rain. enjoy
for the afternoon san jose will seek nearly 70 degrees and upper 60s towards concord, danville, livermore. mid-60s along the bay and san francisco will be another nice day. 67 degrees in san rafael. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay increasing clouds on tuesday as we do have a change in the weather pattern arriving with rainy weather on wednesday, thursday and friday >> coming up the forty- niners quarterback situation what horrible is saying about it. will it change the n f l? and the warriors are playing in denver. [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. >> cyber monday is almost hear the biggest on-line shopping day of the year. thi year, cyber monday will set new sales records. they're offering big discounts to lure you to shop from your computer this monday. pretty much every major online retailer will offer free shipping and handling. you can count on that. some of the best deals i've found for cyber monday was walmart. a septre tv $ 250 and also a 32 in. at $180. they
heridas luego de combatir un incendio de tres alarmas en san jose take vo ---el siniestro se registr la noche de ayer en unos apartamentos ubicados en la calle "willow leaf drive", cerca de las avenidas bascom y fruit-dale ---las autoridades dicen que parte del techo de un departamento colaps, impactando al bombero quien se fractur el cuello y sufri una conmocion cerebral ---un total de 18 personas fueron desplazadas, cuatro apartamentos fueron destrudos y al menos dos personas recibieron atencion medica por inhalacion de humo ---la causa del incendio todavia se desconoce pero las autoridades dicen que pudo haber comenzado en una chimenea.. cu ---pasando a otras cosas, ya casi termina el viernes negro pero aun asi, los compradores siguen llegando a las tiendas de todo el pas. take vo ---segn los expertos, los comerciantes no pueden estar ms felices ya que en este da, "facturan" por lo menos un 40 por ciento de sus ganancias anuales. ---este aÑo, muchas personas del area de la bahia decidieron hacer sus compras en los outlets donde los comerciantes prometieron ofrecer las mejores oferta
a tiros la semana pasada cuando dos sujetos trataron de robarle su coche en san jose... take vo ---rory park-pettiford de 22 aÑos murio a manos de dos ladrones el 16 de noviembre... ---los sujetos estan siendo acusados de asesinato y robo en cuatro negocios de san jose, tambien de liarse a tiros con la policia y dejar a un agente herido... cesar cambiamos de informacin... ---un violento choque de auto en la autopista 101 en palo alto termin con dos personas muertas y otras seis lesionadas ---entre ellas, un agente de la patrulla de caminos que se detuvo para auxiliar a un vehculo averiado take 2 box ---mayra tostado nos tiene mas detalles.. cuentanos mayra.. 0:01 0:10 0:40 1:28 intro ---asi es cesar, el accidente ocurri minutos antes de las 7 de la maÑana cerca de la salida embarcadero, convirtiendose en un verdadero viernes negro para una familia de san bruno. take pkg una mujer de 24 aÑos y su hermana perdieron la vida esta maÑana en un choque en la autopista 101 en direccion norte en palo alto. ambas viajaban dentro de un vehiculo deportivo todoterreno con su familia cuando segn
throughout the bay area. amazing in san jose. emeryville, walnut creek. a as you can see it has been a fun, fun event for all. if you still want to donate a coat you have until the end of the month. just bring in any gently used or new coat. bring it down to where you see a 1 warm coat barrel. all for a good cause. reporting live. back to you. >>> instagram broke records after people shared photos on the site. people shared more than 10 million thanksgiving-themed photos yesterday. according to a company blog, more than 200 thanksgiving photos were posted every second for several hours yesterday. >>> still to come, r&b super star who made time for the homeless. kicking off in the south bay. something is missing. why organizers are saying it this year's christmas in the park is incomplete. >>> a warm weekend ahead. meteorologist mark tamayo will join us with how high the temperatures will get hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test driv
week in an attempted carjacking in san jose. police say the 22-year-old was killed by two armed rob irs who went on a crime scene. they are accused of murder robbing four east san jose businesses. the suspect is in custody. police are still searching for a second suspect. a donation fun has been set up for the victim's burial costs. fire fighters respond at about 8:30 last night. captain lauren engler was in a stairwell. he is in stable condition right now. the department yuunits were damaged. ves ip ves gaitors believe it was accidental. >> walmart employees walk off the job. the retailer opened their doors to shoppers on tharngs giving night. employers say they rnt safe. at the walmart today, employees handed out fliers and carried signs. local union members joined the protest waging their support. >> a walmart spokesman called the headlines to mislead retailers. nine people are under arrest after a wall mart pmart down th spilled into the streets. police say they made the arrest after people refused to ghet off the streets. despite the protest, wall mart is reporting its best black f
for a man who was killed during a crime spree in san jose. details coming up. >> with a black friday in the books read tellers are looking ahead to small business saturday. will have a live report and more on the shopping frenzy. >> it has been a little bit breezy but the skies are clear. it will be a another beautiful day. we are expecting a lot the '70s and into the evening. as for the temperature is a little bit chilly and santa rosa and nevada. is about 45 degrees in san jose. it will warm- up to low 70's. it will upper 7e coast. the north bay is expecting low 70's abou73 about 73 degrees for santa rosa. as we take a look at satellite we have been filling the warm front weekend. we will not get rain from this it would just usher and cool air. we do have rain in the forecast. >> holiday shopping season is well under way with more than $11 billion exchanging hands. for this is a positive economic. thousands of people packed into the downtown area not only to find bargains but to see the lighting of this tree. as we mentioned there is plenty of shopping bags to be seen family stocki
. they waited hours for the midnight opening of best buy in santana row in san jose. as soon as workers gave the green light customers poured inside searching for bargains. >> to be able to get a good deal on this, it's worth standing in line for it. >> so what do customers have their eyes on? a lot of said the same thing no surprise here, tvs. >>> things died down by the time we got to target in colma just after midnight. that's because the store opened at 9:00 last night. target even offered a second round of deals that started at 4 a.m. of the. >> we have investigated if we could get the same price all year and usually black friday is it. >> this is the first time target opened that early on a black friday. >>> lines of cars tied up traffic in livermore. bargain hunters waited to get to the paragon outlet as cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us. >> reporter: it's the day of deals. >> i got some sweaters and i got scarves and i got a lot of shirts. >> christmas shopping already. >> reporter: do you feel like it was a successful day? >> absolutely. saved over $200. >> reporter: holiday sho
would be happy that i add this to the total. girls, we now have 1,423 coats. report live from san jose, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> one warm coat in walnut creek. it's friendly competition to help those in need. which community will give the most. >> why more than 6,000 people will spend the next 10 days here in downtown san francisco speaking a secret language. >> a great day to be outside right now even san francisco. you can see some ice skaters here. coming up, when rain chances have been added for the bay area forecast. our >>> it's our 10th annual one warm coat event. it's an easy way to help someone this holiday season. one coat could really make a huge difference in someone's life. this is a live look at what's going on at walnut creek. we'll find out how much many coats have been collected there in a moment, but first let's go over to bay street in emmyville. fred, how are the donations going? >> reporter: well, great. i'm very impressed here. we're at 883. -- 983. our goal was to reach a thousand. this young lady here has been so excited. karen, what do you want
. san francisco is one of the mild spots. at 58 degrees. san jose at 53. oakland 56. livermore, 47. santa rosa, 46 degrees. doppler radar is coming up dry. when it changes it's going to change. adding to rainfall totals for the end of november. oakland above normal at 13 percent. livermore is trailing by any where from 11 to 20 percent behind what's average. a lot of rainfall for the pacific northwest. let's follow the moisture across the pacific. it's an active jet stream. it's blocking rain and storms from making it down here. it will give you a sunny mild beautiful holiday weekend to get outside. highs approaching 70 degrees. that will change. high pressure moves out. low pressure dies down from the gulf of alaska. that will bring the storm back to the bay area. sunday for monday much wetter weather starting on wednesday. highs around 70 tomorrow. san jose, 71. redwood city, free month 69. pittsburgh, antioch, brent wood, 71. 71 for san leandro. we're sunny on sunday and monday but here come the clouds. on tuesday rain is likely wednesday through friday. time for sports. >> inde
was in the southwestern sky gleaming. concord 39, oakwood 44, livermore 44, san jose 44 and santa rosa on the chilly side at 37. lots to court. but in the headlines, plenty of sun and we'll warm up a bit and the next chance of rain will be wednesday. and when we open the tap we'll open it for a while in on again off again fashion. mostly sunny for the bay area today. we'll warm all the way up into the mid-40s by 9:00. and later today, 70 degrees in parts of the bay area. we'll see the time lapse and show you that all the moisture at the moment is headed to the north. and we're maintaining mostly clear skies. sunny and mild for us this morning. if you're headed to the central valley, we have dense fog posted. so the fog will be forming in the central valley. but for us, we have mostly clear skies and nothing but sun today. overnight, a few low clouds will return to the shoreline. sun later for sacramento and 68. monday looks nice for sfo and other gateway destinations. not bad in new york, denver, chicago and l.a. we'll look at numbers in the 70s today. and the extend forecast is calling for increasing cl
its first and only sale of the year this weekend. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts in san jose to tell us if the company's new marketing strategy is work. julie. >> reporter: well, first, it got rid of sales altogether, and is bucking black friday. it's offering a one-day long sale of the season. and some say today's turnout is proof j.c. penney customers want their sales. if you post them, they will come. sales signs, something j.c. penney customers haven't seen in a while and this black friday they say it's what brought them back. do you think that without the big sale you would have come in today? >> that's debatable. >> i come less now than i did before. >> reporter: early this year, j.c. penney ditched its nearly 600 sales in favor of everyday low prices. but even when it dropped those prices by 40%, 10% of their customers dropped j.c. penney. >> things are not on sale so there's no real incentive to come in. >> people have to have something to look forward to. >> reporter: so every day low prices aren't going to get you in the door. >> no. >> and she is not alone. while
are in valley medical center in san jose. about an houring ao, some relatives came out and told us a second daughter passed away. the chp is not confirming that. this started out as a joyous shopping trip to buy gifts for the holiday as well as for a wedding that is now not going to happen. the family smashed lexus was on the side of highway 101 six hours, broken windows, air bags exposed. i along the freeway, gifts, clothes some still had price tags on them. family members tell abc 7 news the group left the home in san bruno around 11:30 last night to go shopping in gilroy saying the 24-year-old daughter who died was set to return to india to get married in next month or so. >> they went shopping and in this area, maybe gilroy, somewhere. i don't know yet. they want to go to india for married. >> this morning while returning from shopping the family's suv clipped the back of a cruiser, that had just pulled over near the embarcadero road. the suv rolled. theztap officer stopped to assit people in a truck fixing a flat. the chp says the officer was several feet from traffic. >> he had on eme
to kickoff the weekend. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay area. san jose near 70. a few clouds and cooling and rain returns on wednesday. >>> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. >>> now to egypt, where protests have erupted over president mohamed morsi's decree expanding his power. jim is in cairo. good morning. >> reporter: almost two years after their revolution, egyptians seem more divided than ever. after many hear their elected leader has driven the wedge deeper and wider. at dawn, there were more tents and protesters around tahrir square, but that didn't stop clashes with police, where protesters blocked traffic defying president mohamed morsi's orders. after morsi declared sweeping powers for himself, leaving him above the law. >> translator: we are here because the goals of the revolution have yet to be achieved. >> reporter: morsi told his supporters he had to take radical measures to protect the revolution. and fast track a new constitution being written by a mostly islamist assembly, after which he said he'd give up those powers. yes, he might be a dictator for th
sides argue on how to split the $3 billion in revenue. this is the third time that also, the san jose hosting san jose tech as stanford is going to look for the 10- victory. and displayed that happened in five unti ariz. arkansas, and this is jarvis landry with the outstanding catch. and check it out >> college hoop randy bennett, and also, brad getting be lorenzo making this the freethrow 77-66 in stanford over northern iowa. and yesterday we reported that the more hoard state coach he was indeed suspended for one game of fort shoving in the back it does not look like much but you cannot touch the players. he apologized and he says that this will never happen again. and will leave you on that note. >> see you at 8:00 p.m. >>> our special "insider" all about the modeling industry. >> the cost of beauty. the celebrity pros. the best of our coverage. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> a little secret. >> sex secrets? >> newly single heidi klum with "the insider." why she had kevin shaking his hips in vegas. >> i can't do that. >> yes, you do. >>>
. the money is not just for san francisco; it also funds the almeda sheriff, police department, san jose police, santa cruz county fire department, the fremont fire department and many other public safety agencies. here in san francisco the grant will fund planners at my agency, department of emergency management. it will fund radio communications equipment for the police department and department of public health. apparatus for the fire department. supplies and equipment and things many first-respond errs use in san francisco . this resolution creates no new positions in san francisco and there are no matching funds required by the city. the resolution is retroactive because the performance period for grant began the day we received the award letter, october 12th. we have a short time to spend the grant, 18 months. i'm happy to answer questions you may have. >> thank you very much. for this item we did not have a budget analyst report because san francisco is acting as a fiscal at. the money is accepted legally through us. we distribute it per the grant requirements and uasi, or regiona
. >> all of the support from folks in san jose and in campbell is the only thing getting me through this now. >> the brothers are five years apart, grew up with the a korean mother and african american father, choking back tears his dad told me he is proud of what that diversity taught his sons.. >> his mother and i can get through everything, or anything it would be ability >> family and friends are holding on to memories and sorting through photos, pick pictures never meant to be frozen in time so soon. >> i want rory to know that we all have his back and that you know a lot of people have been -- love him. >> the memorial will be held tomorrow, if you would like to attend or support the family in any way, just go to our web site. and click see it on tv. coming up you'll hear if dylan would support the d.a.seeking the death penalty in this case. thank you. >> in san francisco two drivers rushed to the/f'ohc hospital. their vehicle collided in an intersection this morning. you can see from this video the truck flipped over after impact happening in the intersection of 12th avenue.
or united center in chicago, the hp pavillion in san jose or the current or goal arena in oakland, there is a wide variety in the number per year really ranging -- these are once anchored by sports teams really between about 100 and 250, depending on the venue. i think the notion is there are -- part is whether or not your regional area has enough capacity to maintain a multiday -- events that would happen recurrently over a lot of days or whether your market is such that a show might only come to town for a few days. depending on the market in some ways depends on the number of events. i can let rick speak about this. >> just a question in the context of the events. is that really a major consideration for this project being successful in years to come? if it is 25 events what does that -- >> thank you for the question. that is a realistic number and facility of this size and budget we are talking about to perform, that is not only a goal but something we will try to achieve. there are arenas that have sittingly larger numbers but that is driven by the fact they have more than on
an and the counseling director at the health center in san jose california. i am here to speak on behalf of gwen spriar and the american indian alliance. it was created in the 90's to provide voice to the community in santa clara valley and started by laverne robert and provides two annual powwows and numerous fundraisers. gwen has been part of the alliance for about 15 years now. gwen is a elder and retired from the american indian district titles four, seven and nine of the indian education act. she has moved beyond the limits of her duties for the families in her district. she spends time volunteers for all community functions that the alliance puts on. the families that she serves remember her fondly and all that she did for them. she offered her talents to powwows, food booths, graduations and dinners and let's watch a video on gwen stirrer. >> i am [inaudible] known as the keepers of the western door. they're on the western side of new york and they're the biggest of the tribes. i'm the one -- i'm the one that creeks that runs through our reservation now. indian community -- there was no
mainly in the low 70's. 71 at san jose and cupertino. peninsula we see high in the upper 70's around 70 at red wad city. palo alto 71 at mountain view. mid upper 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco 68 tomorrow 66 in the sun set district. north bay high low 70's for the most part. 72 in santa rosa and calistoga 70 at novato and nap napa. east bay high of 68 at berkeley. 72 at oakland. 70 san leandro. 72 at free 42 mont. high just around or just above 70 degrees. 71 at pittsburgh fair field. 70 at concord and dublin and near monterey bay look for mid 70's in the inland locations. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild weather fix couple days cooling off slightly monday tuesday. clouds will thicken on tuesday. rain arrives wednesday. continues for at least three days right on that the weekend so soggy winter like weather seasonal weather develops next week. >> that's then. we still have saturday. >> right exactly. >> thank you spencer. >> boosting the bottom line. coming up how the model has shoppers going crazy for new line of clothing
. as the storm track stays to the north, we're talking about more 70s and 60s today. 72 in oakland, 71 in san jose, 70 in concord and important low 70s up in cloverdale. monterey bay, 69 later on. 77 in gilroy. cooler days head our way tomorrow. >> terry: "abc 7 >> terry: in the news this saturday morning, emergency crews rescue a man stuck inside an east bay storm drain. on the heels of black friday, here
in a way, there's -- the san jose mercury, a famous old newspaper is, there is now a viet-mercury. unfortunately, i couldn't speak vietnamese, and i couldn't read the paper either. i mean, just not even close. to ours. and then i heard about the following fact about miami: miami seems to be the only city in the whole world in which people from another country with another language and a very different culture took over at the voting machine a big, metropolitan area in just over i would say, slightly over one generation. i'm talking about the cubans. we have a havana-born gentleman here to my right, and so i said i've just got to go, i've got to go see what this is all about. i knew so little -- i still thought that the great industry was tourism in miami. and then i found out that for some time it's been shipping, including shipping that made the miami federal reserve bank have more cash than all the rest of the federal reserve banks put together. but now it seems to be pretty honest work. [laughter] and shipping. and i don't know if he's here tonight, an argentine journal
's the one james, san jose california, you're on with author kenneth davis. >> caller: good morning, mr. davis. mr. davis, you mentioned columbus discovering the new world, but i read that the vikings were it the first on the east coast. and before them came a navigator from ireland. do you have any historical the information on these two? >> guest: short. i address both of those questions in don't know much about geography. one is much more easily incident the other because certainly the vikings were here, when i say here, in north america close of 500 years before columbus arrived. the site of the viking village that they left behind has been excavated. it is now a unesco world heritage site up in newfoundland so that evidence is quite clear and overwhelming. the part of the story that connects to columbus, however, was always the idea that, perhaps, there was some way that columbus knew about the vikings having sailed here. there was even a map that later proved to be a fraud that was said to be something columbus had. there is no evidence to suggest that columbus knew about the viki
outside a bar near san juan tuesday night. he was at first expected to survive. but his condition worsened. and he was declared clinically brain dead. >>> one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives is now in custody. jose saenz was captured thursday night in mexico. he faces prosecution in los angeles for the murder of two gang members and his girlfriend back in 1998 and another murder ten years later. saenz was added to the most wanted list three years ago. the fbi offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >>> and a frightening scene in springfield, massachusetts. a gas explosion ripped through a strip club leveling the building as you see there. fortunately, about an hour earlier emergency crews had evacuated the area after someone complained about a strong gas odor. 18 people were hurt. most of them were firefighters and gas company workers. the explosion was so strong it damaged two dozen other buildings and could be felt ten miles away. >> i jumped. i could feel the garbage cans move next to me. i knew where it came from. i could tell it came from this part of the c
san juan news night. he was at first expected to survive, but his condition worsened and had been declared clinically brain dead this week. >>> one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives is in custody. jose luis saenz was captured and faces prosecution in los angeles for the murder of two gang members and his girlfriend in 1998 and another murder ten years later. he was added to the most wanted list three years ago. the fbi offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >>> a frightening scene in springfield, massachusetts. a gas explosion ripped through a strip club, leveling the building. you saw it right there. caught on camera. fortunately, about an hour earlier, emergency crews had evacuated the area after someone complained about a strong gas odor. 18 people were hurt. most of them were firefighters and gas company workers. the explosion was so strong it damaged two dozen other buildings and could be felt ten miles away. >> i jumped. i could feel the garbage cans move next to me. i could hear the window shaking. it could tell that it came from this part of the
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